Jackson heights

Several prominent political groups plan to boycott a Tuesday pride reception because of Mayor Eric Adams' planned appearance, citing his hiring of several administration officials who have supported groups with anti-LGBTQ sentiments.
The line would connect to 17 subway stations and the Long Island Rail Road.
Owner Amy Hernadez says "there's absolutely no place in NYC that does what we do."
"As an outsider, I can be like, 'This is great, there’s an Open Street for me to go party and hang out with my friends outside.'" said one Greenpoint resident. "But you know what? People live there."
The just-opened Yun Cafe is located directly below Diversity Plaza.
“I think he believed he’d leave the hospital feeling well. I believe he never thought he’d become another victim of this virus.”
I am distraught that I have to be here. Protecting our LGBTQI community needs to be an everyday job for all of us — not just for our neighbors, but for our business neighbors.
A 39-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene "without incident," according to police, and is currently hospitalized with a laceration to his arm.
A man allegedly profiled the two women as sex workers and threatened to 'make [them] pay' if they came back.
Luckily the bouncer's finger was reattached.
The pedestrian was killed just before 3 a.m. in Jackson Heights. No charges have been filed.
'I can't imagine this city without her.'
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