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The highlights of a solid new SNL included a cathartic new Kate McKinnon character, a divisive Bill Burr monologue, and an incredible musical performance from Jack White.
Keys' Patrick Carney says Jack White tried to fight him at a NYC bar this weekend, but everything is "all good" now (even though it probably isn't!).
With headliners such as The Strokes, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, and Spoon, it's a veritable timewarp back to the heady days of the mid-00s.
Jack White says he was just doing what the crowd told him to when he abandoned his Radio City set after just 45 minutes.
Jack White did a fantastic job of pissing off a lot of super duper Jack White fans with disposable incomes last night at Radio City Music Hall.
Yorke dropped hints at an exciting new collaboration, mentioning the band had "done something" with Jack White on Thursday: "Big thank you to Jack White. We're not gonna tell you why, but you'll find out."
Below, you can watch the entire show (and individual highlights) now! For anyone who ever wondered what White Stripes songs would sound like with a "real" band, here's your answer.
Lou Reed calls his Metallica collaboration "the best thing I ever did," and Jack White is now producing Insane Clown Posse singles.
Stephen Colbert and Jack White showed up at the High Line today to sell copies of Colbert's new single—and they also performed the new song (as well as a harmonized Star-Spangled Banner). Watch below!
Jack White helped Colbert produce his rock and roll comeback single, "Charlene II (I'm Over You)." And you can pick up the single today directly from Colbert and White at the High Line!
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