Jack kerouac

“I submit this as my idea of an appealing commercial cover expressive of the book," Kerouac wrote.
Those hip intellectuals of the Beat generation have now given way to the next generation of San Remo attendees: models, scenesters, yuppies, tech billionaires, and influencers.
He ended his note, sent in 1956 to a Viking Press editor: "Than have it demeaned I'd rather it were never published. Period."
We sort of prefer the older Kerouac look to this clean cut one.
Here's the trailer for the movie adaptation of On the Road. Don't blame us.
Yay, young athletic movie stars with hot bods brooding and smoking cigarettes and furrowing their brows in a completely unnecessary and unwanted movie adaptation of On the Road!
In a letter, Jack Kerouac asked Marlon Brando to buy the rights to his novel, and make a movie out of it.
Casting the Beat Generation never gets old.
A new iPad app offering extended insight into Jack Kerouac's On The Road is topping mobile download charts.
What do Jack Kerouac and that girl from Twilight have in
If Jack Kerouac were still alive, he'd be turning 88 today!
Following the 40th anniversary of Jack Kerouac's death (which was yesterday),
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