After being closed for 18 months, a new chef and menu brings new life to the FiDi restaurant.
A Bottle Keep allows regulars to store their private bottles of booze between visits.
Two seatings nightly (6:30 and 8:30 p.m.) for 16 people unfold over an hour and a half, where guests "create a vinyl playlist in real time to listen to during their dinner."
Oka, which means "hill" in Japanese, serves sake and shochu alongside composed hot and cold dishes.
This super-rich, extraterrestrial dish is a real stand-out.
The pan-Japanese restaurant has a sprawling menu of sushi, yakitori, ramen, seafood entrees and even a Japanese brunch.
Photos of the new space included a darling little whiskey cart which, sadly, does not take jaunts into the dining room to offer a steady supply of alcohol.
They're offering dozens of customizable savory pancakes. Think of it like IHOP meets Burger King—only actually good.
This is the first NYC outpost of a London-based empire of upscale Japanese sushi, skewers and sake.
Initial reports of Sik-gaek, a Korean restaurant in Flushing's Murray Hill, implied
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