Ivanka trump

Former President Donald Trump and his children are scheduled to begin testimony July 15th in a case brought by Attorney General Tish James.
Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and former President Donald Trump are scheduled to testify in July.
"As a person who actually worked for tips & hourly wages... instead of having to learn about it 2nd-hand, I can tell you that most people want to be paid enough to live."
'After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business...'
On Wednesday's episode of 'Full Frontal,' host Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a 'feckless c*nt' for her complicity in supporting the Trump Administration's inhumane immigration policies. Things have just gotten more stupid since.
DA Cy Vance, Jr. is running unopposed for reelection this November.
He allegedly told Secret Service agents he was a U.S. Senator.
"So we should just give [Ivanka] credit when good stuff happens, and blame others when bad stuff happens? That’s not a job description of a political adviser. That’s a description of an Old Testament God."
The President allegedly said, "Sometimes it's the reverse."
The couple was also reportedly harassed by Fox News racist bro Jesse Watters for a segment.
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who would LOVE to get all Festivus on Ivanka Trump.
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