Researchers discovered that people who ate moderate amounts of pasta were more likely to stick to a Mediterranean diet, ergo, pasta made people healthy.
Be sure to dress accordingly—as a place of worship, shirts covering the shoulders are a must, as are clothes that cover the knees.
They were allegedly running a major cocaine trafficking ring that has ties to Italian mob families
Roberto Senigaglia just might be the most photographed man in Italy.
Shhh—it's laidback and unpretentious... it's perfect!
An Italian news outlet was lucky enough to capture video of de Blasio and son/teen celebrity Dante onboard a motorboat near the island of Capri.
Would you like to know about the first few hours of their trip in painstakingly pointless detail?
Finally, de Blasio can eat pizza with a fork and knife again.
The exhibition contains 300 pieces created from 1909 to 1944, but what is Futurism and why should you care?
Also, an alleged Italian mobster sold a silencer and sawed-off shotgun to an undercover at the Royal Crown Bakery.
The Italian tourist who made headlines when he was arrested after he couldn't pay the bill at Smith & Wollensky has finally settled up.
Rafaello Follieri pretended to be a representative of the Vatican and would wear pretend Vatican robes.
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