"Acts of terrorism are inherently political, and so are the responses to them," a scholar on terrorism and Islamaphobia said.
Pro-Trump graffiti has been reported across the country, including at NYU
Two teen brothers have been accused of stabbing a Brooklyn man because he was speaking Arabic.
Just in time for Christmas, the Pamela Geller hate parade is clattering back into the subway with a fresh set of advertisements. But this time the MTA has something to say about it.
An activist spray-painting over an anti-Muslim ad in the Times Square subway station met some resistance from a counterprotester defending the ads.
Hateful ads are hateful.
Whole Foods is doing damage control after an internal email revealed that one high-level employee instructed his subordinates to not to "promote" Ramadan.
Two mosques planned for two very different parts of NYC are facing
The Islamic leaders' press conference outside 45-47 Park Place (Bilal Khan/Gothamist)
It's no wonder the plan to build an Islamic community center
Filmmaker Woody Allen, who recently told a reporter "there's no real
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