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Volunteers with Muslims Giving Back have met hundreds of homeless and low-income communities in the streets to hand out hot meals and other necessities every night during Ramadan.

This setback arose just as community leaders were looking forward to expanding vaccine outreach during the holy holiday.

"Muslims' joyful moments are constantly paired with ridiculous scrutiny," says Shahana Hanif.

A Homeland Security spokesperson also confirmed the immigration ban applied to people from the listed countries who already had green cards and legal U.S. residency.

Police say he shoved her teenage son and told her, "Go back to your country!"

"We are here because we feel that we are being targeted."

NYPD Chief Robert Boyce said Wednesday that based on the evidence they've collected, "clearly it was him."

Four hundred people enjoyed a city-organized traditional Muslim dinner in the East Village.

"When you speak to a Muslim guy, an Arab guy, don't label him, try to see who he is."