An undercover agent suggested specific targets, but the soldier had other ideas.
A man who detonated a pipe bomb during rush hour in the subway station underneath the Port Authority Bus Terminal last year has been found guilty.
"Acts of terrorism are inherently political, and so are the responses to them," a scholar on terrorism and Islamaphobia said.
The men allegedly planned to attack Times Square with car bombs and shoot people on the subway.
A Bronx man was arrested at JFK airport Wednesday night while allegedly attempting to fly overseas to join ISIS, officials said Thursday.
Gregory Lepsky was arrested in late February, and a subsequent search of his home prompted a more in-depth FBI investigation into alleged terrorist activities.
The 26-year-old man is accused of twice trying to cross the Syrian border so he could join the terrorist organization.
Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway was only off by about 370 years.
Police say he shoved her teenage son and told her, "Go back to your country!"
In 2015, he allegedly claimed his allegiance to ISIS, saying "I belong to Islamic State only."
The NYPD made remarks after an ISIS magazine mentioned the parade as a target.
A 24-year-old college student allegedly left the country last year to fight, and ultimately die, for ISIS.
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