Passed by a 39-21 margin, the bill concerns the president's state tax documents, which would have much of the same information as his long-sought federal filing.
The IRS continued the practice, mostly targeting small business owners, after a 2014 directive was supposed to severely restrict it.
Trump will soon control the IRS, so no biggie.
"We have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety," he said.
The city gives out about $650 million in religious exemptions.
"He left me naked...He left me broken."
He also allegedly sent the IRS an envelope filled with white powder.
Once the IRS has the money, they offer the parties a choice: pay a settlement, or face the threat of legal action while your money stays in limbo.
TurboTax's parent company is part of a corporate conspiracy to ensure that you'll be forever trading what measly refund you get for the privilege of using their service.
Congressional Republicans had their big tantrum last night; here's how it affects NYC.
Hill is in with the general population.
"I had to do something desperate to fight the corruption, fight the IRS," Mar said while on a hospital gurney at Bellevue Hospital. "They are so powerful."
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