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The Round Lake, NY-based company calls this a "precautionary measure."

If she can't find another place in Little Italy, she's headed for Wisconsin or Staten Island.

This article made us spew Crystal Pepsi all over our bespoke weed grinder carved in the shape of John Oates' face.

Madonna has walked back her assertion that President Obama is Muslim.

The only motorist on Earth who knows how to drive has sustained a shattering blow to his reputation.

While shopping on Black Friday, former Congressman Anthony Weiner took the opportunity to show off the newest addition to his family: his creepy porn mustache.

The DVD version of the Atlas Shrugged movie adaptation erroneously describes the film as a story of self-sacrifice! The production company now has to replace 100,000 copies of the title card.

The satirical newspaper The Onion is facing Twitter criticism today after tweeting a story about congress taking a group of schoolchildren hostage. [Update Below]

The contractor, Gerard Denault, allegedly stole $5 million of the city's money in kickbacks, while doing a really bad job at what he was paid to do.