Kellyanne Conway cited some alternative history last night and it was very embiggening.
The Iraqi intelligence Service would imprison and torture local Iraqis whose family members still living in Iraq had angered the government.
Stewart sat down for a serious interview with former NY Times reporter Judith Miller in which he masterfully grilled her about the Iraq War and her false report about WMDs.
We will never be the same (until next week).
Britain's home secretary says that it's related to development in Syria and Iraq.
Despite their legacy of carnage and atrocity, the Iraq warmongers are getting the old band back together again for one more hell-raising tour.
What will happen after more than 15 years of war?
An NYPD officer who wrongly arrested a Brooklyn bartender previously posed for a photo kissing a decapitated dog while he served in Iraq.
We spoke with Rachel Maddow about the real legacy of Ronald Reagan, cornering Dick Cheney, and pitching Drift to the FOX News faithful.
After surviving attacks in Iraq together, a Marine is set to be reunited with her beloved war dog, Sergeant Rex. All together now: "awwwww."
His former platoon leader said, "Bales is still, hands down, one of the best soldiers I ever worked with. I just don’t want him seen as some psychopath, because he is not."
Since the Iraq war started more than 1 million U.S. troops have served in the country. Of those, more than 32,226 have been wounded and about 4,487 were killed.
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