The journalist, who is from Iran, said she would continue with her writing that is critical of the Iranian government.
Mayor Bill de Blasio Tweeted, 'Worried for our city + our nation.'
Nasim Alikhani has just opened her restaurant Sofreh in Prospect Heights. This is not your grandparents' Persian restaurant.
Saira Rafiee was on winter break, visiting her family.
Schumer is in line to replace Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid when he retires next year.
"Jewish Lives Matter," read one protest sign.
If there's one thing that can bring world leaders with differing views together, it's NYC gridlock!
Officials believe he was planning to ship the radioactive element to Iran.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced today that he wants to be the first Iranian astronaut to travel into space.
They bought vitamins, aspirin and shoes!
It's almost that time of year when clown-of-the-century nominee Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers his annual United Nations roast. But he may have some trouble finding a room to stay in, if Stuart Hersh has his way.
Bulgarian authorities say the bomber had a fake MIchigan's driver license.
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