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Other than the inescapable fact that one of the people on stage appeared to be public radio legend Ira Glass, it was a totally ordinary performance.

David Byrne will bring color guard teams and musicians to the Barclays Center.

Never doubt that one fussy public radio host can change The Theatre forever.

In a seething blog post, monologuist Mike Daisey blasts the backlash to his controversial show about working conditions at Chinese factories where Apple products are made.

"What has happened today is that rather than exporting that standard of life, which is within our capacity to do, we have exported harsh working conditions to another nation."

Yesterday afternoon the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company hosted an 826NYC benefit, in

We interviewed hundreds of people this year, from long-time rockers to

Ira Glass is the brains, heart and larynx behind the wildly popular

Recently This American Life host, Ira Glass, paid a visit to Peter

Gothamist’s family has never been the type to take to the yard