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A group of New York City fraudsters allegedly managed to steal $19 million worth of iPhones through a sprawling false identity scheme that hit cell phone stores across the country.

The study found rats exposed to cell phone radio-frequency radiation were more likely to develop brain and heart cancers.

The City Council legislation, introduced at the request of Mayor Bloomberg, would require second-hand dealers, scrap processors, and pawn brokers to keep electronic records of all transactions, using a system called Leads Online.

A discussion on using your cell phone to capture images and video at a concert.

A 3-year-old boy playing the game "Subway Surfers" on his mother's iPhone got an important life lesson about how people suck yesterday when a homeless man snatched the gadget away from him.

Cops are looking for an iPhone thief with a hot pink sartorial style who has robbed at least five young women in Brooklyn and Queens over the last month.

A sergeant in the department responsible for investigating NYPD corruption was busted earlier this month for buying a $15 iPhone off the street.

Remember the guy who got a ticket for running a red light while his vehicle was in police custody? His story gets weirder.

Elevator Repair Service, the idiosyncratic little theater troupe that previously enthralled us with a seven hour-long adaptation of The Great Gatsby, is finally getting with the 21st century.