Iphone 5

It happened at a J station.
The two victims were assaulted but not seriously injured.
Thousands of workers rioted at a Foxconn factory in the Shanxi province last night, forcing the plant to suspend operations.
If you managed to slay the line dragons and get your hands on the iPhone 5 yesterday, you might want to kick yourself for not getting two, or three or seven.
The tech press may have poo-poo'd it, and the new map software might have some notable issues, the people don't seem to care. Look at those lines!
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said in a statement, "The theft of Apple phones and other hand-held devices drove the spike in robberies and larceny this year."
Everybody ready to feel like their current iPhone is out of date?
The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is gearing up to release a new iPhone in the coming quarter.
An example of the data an iPhone keeps on your whereabouts.
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