Since the revelation went viral, people have been replicating the bug online and in the press, confirming with their friends and family that creeping on each other is very possible.
The employee believed him and handed over the phones.
One victim's AirDrop settings were open to "Everyone" for work purposes. But not anymore.
When he realized there was no iPhone in the box, he chased the seller but was then stabbed by a second person, police say.
"I asked for help. They all ran because they were scared."
This Brooklyn case actually preceded the high-profile controversy over Apple's role in unlocking the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.
The suspects knocked on the victim's door on Thanksgiving.
The robbery occurred by the time the train got to the new Hudson Yards station.
This happened on N. 9th Street!
One victim was punched in the face and chest.
This happened on West 138th Street.
A Daily News photographer happened to take pictures of the incident as it unfolded.
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