A man attempting to sell his iPad to a Craigslist buyer in the tony New Jersey town of Montclair wound up getting robbed and stabbed instead.
That's some real teamwork!
The suspects are entering unlocked vehicles.
NYPD spokesman Paul Browne spent all day coming up with this line, "Inside was a virtual orchard of Apple products."
He called the feds either "evil or retarded."
The firefighters was apparently upset at a photograph his wife posted on the Internet.
iCrime is no laughing matter.
People, if you want your iPad stolen, using it on the subway is a GREAT way for that to happen.
Bloomberg doesn't want your iPhone stolen.
Just after an airport employee was arrested for allegedly stealing $1.9 million in iPad minis comes word that a TSA worker there has been busted for stealing Apple baubles from people's checked luggage.
Watch some of the NYPD's warning videos!
Police are asking for the public's help finding a man who has been threatening people in the Bronx with a hypodermic needle in order to rob them of their property.
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