Iowa Democrats pick their primary candidate next week. But for some reason we have to wait until the end of April?
A poll released Monday by Suffolk University showed that de Blasio had garnered zero support among 500 likely Iowa voters.
'When I look at what this administration has achieved and the people who I've chosen for key roles have achieved, across the board, I see progress and I see product.'
Who, besides de Blasio, actually thinks this is a good idea?
Christie noted he felt like he was "back home in Jersey for a couple minutes."
All the Midwest's a stage for Mayor de Blasio.
Here's the new Girls trailer. The 4th season premieres on January 11th.
In case you were looking for an excuse to keep cramming those double quarter pounders with cheese down your throat, here ya go.
This is Hillary's time, Schumer said.
A Ditmas Park lawyer noticed a bizarre influx of cars with Iowa plates around his neighborhood, and while most people would be more inclined to say "Huh,' and go back to their urban chicken farms, Joel Siegel was not most people.
Only those "of the Caucasian race" were eligible—and only if they were born in Iowa, graduated from an Iowa college or university, would return to Iowa....
"Would I like to order food? No thanks! This moist tube of beef will have me sated as soon as I work up the nerve to bite down on its unnervingly perfect casing."
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