Investment banker

A staffer from Complex claims to have witnessed Harry Wagner, managing director of the investment bank Allen & Company, "violently door" a person on a Citi Bike on Friday afternoon.
Santiago talked about their relationship today, and shattered the dreams of "50 Shades" fans everywhere: “I’m sure people want so badly to believe that that book is real. I don’t give a s--t,” she said.
According to Post sources, the two were engaged in a relationship for the last three years: "Basically, she was there to serve his sexual needs. She's his toy, his fetish slave."
The NY Times says the op-ed was supposed to make everyone crazy!
Goldman Sachs is trying to figure out if any of Smith's colleagues knew he was so unhappy.
"Once he found out Goldman had a culture of greed, he left immediately after 12 years at the firm."
Two examples of terrible dating skills from investment bankers.
Time to break out the tiny violins! Sure, $1.6 million for
Fat cats live! According to Bloomberg News, "JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s
A U.S. District Court Judge sentenced one-time Credit Suisse investment banker Hafiz
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