What can be done to stop shootings like this?
The report is expected to cover Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and the potential misuse of state resources, among other subjects.
So far, critics have been most appalled by the mayor's use of security during his presidential campaign, which cost taxpayers roughly $320,000.
Five women have described incidents of the governor's inappropriate behavior.
"This will make New Yorkers less safe, it will make it harder to get affordable housing, it will hurt our schools, it will hurt our hospitals," Mayor de Blasio said yesterday, vowing to "fight" Trump's budget.
The beer stands have been missing since the MTA started investigating in December, and now the workers have been furloughed.
Three workers have been sidelined as part of the probe.
Trump will soon control the IRS, so no biggie.
City Hall seems to have gotten hit with yet another subpoena.
"We have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety," he said.
Imagine: $855 million in contracts ended up going to campaign donors.
"I heard a smack that sounded like a branch break."
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