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We recently spoke with Byrne, a longtime New Yorker, about the show, the nation, and other NYC topics.

Despite pressure from the landlord to raise prices and conform to a gentrified neighborhood, Jim Moffett says Great Jones Cafe's soul will always stick around.

Jack Douglas, Gloria Steinem, Patton Oswalt, Robert Caro, Tommy Wiseau, Jonathan Safran Foer, and more interviews from 2016.

Gothamist spoke with Rutgers professor Jason Barr about how Manhattan became a vertical city, the role of geology in shaping the skyline, and affordable housing.

If Moz doesn't write a song called "It's Just Your Opinion" now, this will be a very wasted opportunity.

"I still can't get enough of Seinfeld. It's still the best thing that's ever been filmed."

Rex decided to change things up a bit on a "boring day" by sitting in the media section and asking the Jets beat reporters questions. And it was, unsurprisingly, pretty charming.

"I do wonder when people talk about expanding the lifespan; I think, 'So, you think those years between 100 and 110 are going to be good?' I mean, they're not. At least not now."

The excellent character actor F. Murray Abraham talks about his current work in The Threepenny Opera and his collaborations.

"Sarah Jessica-Parker is one of the most conscientious actors I've ever met."