Internet access

The city’s plan for public broadband is still on hold.
In the meantime, more than a million New Yorkers are going without reliable internet access.
“We encourage New York City families to take advantage of this critical resource,” a Department of Education official said.
The upgraded free internet access will benefit more than 12,000 kids and adults, according to the city. About 30 of the sites offer free wi-fi access for anyone within range of the network, as a boon for the larger community as well.
The plan invests $157 million for internet access in low-income communities.
More than 1.5 million New Yorkers have no access to broadband internet at home or on their phones.
Gothamist gets result(s)!
"New Yorkers' private online activities shouldn't be used to create a massive database that's within the ready grasp of the NYPD."
Millions of New Yorkers lack access to high speed internet in their homes.
Photograph of Governor Paterson and Senator Schumer during an agricultural town
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