Interactive map

The NYC Board of Elections unevenly assigned voters to poll sites across the city. See how yours stacks up.
Thanks to a new interactive map, we don't have to rely on anecdotal evidence about how much of the city lacks the sidewalk space to properly socially distance—we now have some very concrete data.
You have to respect any map that gives Korea Town and the Diamond District their due while also completely ignoring the likes of Manhattan Valley, Hudson Yards and Yorkville.
Comparing data from major food critics including Michelin and the New York Times, we uncovered which NYC restaurants are most consistently triumphed as the city's best.
Staten Island? That's Trump Country.
Take a bird's-eye look at all of Manhattan's vacant storefronts.
Knowledge is power... and freedom from food poisoning.
It's not impossible for minimum wage workers to find's just very, very, very hard.
Almost every neighborhood in NYC would be one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world's glitziest cities.
AKA: a guide to which blocks to avoid on gorgeous summer days.
There used to be 386 bookstores in the borough—now there are only 106.
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