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Summer is here and it is a doozy. So why bother going out when there is so much to keep you entertained right on this here Interwebs?

Netflix has added Breaking Bad (season 1-3) to their streaming option!

Even if you aren't going back to school this week, you can feel like you are with these classics.

For this week's Instant Entertainment, we explore the world of super-campy Mega Creatures.

You can now watch the controversial Kennedys miniseries (canceled by the History Channel after being filmed) on Netflix, and why not follow it up with the more lighthearted American President, everyone's favorite White House rom-com!

Want to watch some 1980s sitcoms? Of course you do. Travel back to a time when aliens eating cats was what you got when you turned on the television.

Today we dip into punk rock documentaries, including one on the British scene in the late 70s, and two from very different time periods in the NY scene—click through to stream!

Finally! Some Woody Allen films have made it to Netflix Instant, here's what you can watch in the comfort of your own laptop.

Today we dip into more summer movie fun, this time Richard Linklater style, with some coming of age movies... heavy on the slack. It's time to revisit Dazed and Confused and Slacker.