The work from Andrea Miller invites people to reflect on what it was like to live in the city during the pandemic.
The installation will be open to the public from May 10th through November 14th, 2021.
This marks the first time Armajani's immersive piece has been on view in almost five decades.
With 300 site-specific works spread throughout the five boroughs, the exhibition is the largest public art project to date for both Ai Weiwei and the Public Art Fund.
You can buy tickets today to get access to the south side of Ellis Island, and see this installation before it disappears.
This life-sized installation of Edward Hopper's famous "Nighthawks" painting is pretty great.
You're going to want to check out this new light installation at the Guggenheim for yourself.
This summer's hottest blockbuster is MURDER ROOF (now playing at the Met).
Come get locked inside this heart-shaped box... for weeks.
Hungry for more Warhol even after those sharp new Campbell's Soup can came out? Get your fix at The Met.
The city needs more dead drops like this.
Have you ever wanted to watch time go by?
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