Inspector general

A veteran New York investigator with ties to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s orbit lost his job late last year. Here’s what happened.
The MTA, which is in charge of implementing congestion pricing, got scammed by one of its own employees, according to the agency's inspector general.
The MTA said it’s not a social service agency, it’s a transportation one, and that the NYC should do more.
Multiple city and state agencies eagerly stepped forward to conduct investigations, which in the past have done little to fundamentally change the NYPD.
A nightmare-inducing subway escalator wreck in Midtown last year was caused by the MTA's habit of skipping out on preventative maintenance inspections.
The NYPD rejected more than a third of the reforms pushed by its own Inspector General's Office last year.
"Every tort lawyer is gonna buy a new house and a new car right away," Bloomberg said.
Several critical parts of the transit infrastructure have not been inspected for years.
"My message is simple: Stop playing politics with public safety. Look at what’s happened in Boston," Bloomberg said.
Change? Why would the NYPD change?
"The more I think about it, the less sense it makes," Liu said of creating an inspector general for the NYPD
But as mayor, John Liu says he would clean house at the NYPD.
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