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According to video evidence posted to Twitter, their targets are mostly teenagers who, for whatever reason, haven't paid their fare.

Just like my mama used to say, you can't spell "Chuck" without cuck.

There are plenty of hotels with integrity around Manhattan that still maintain that a sheet only needs to be washed under extreme circumstances.

Last December, a NJ homeowner sued two real estate agents for allegedly having sex in his home—and also not selling the sex house. The pair, Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan, are trying to countersue but now a video of their apparent affair is going to air on Inside Edition. Here's a clip:

Undercover cameras sent into the fray by Inside Edition reveal a Hieronymus Bosch nightmare: young people drinking and carrying their beer in holsters or fanny packs (so hipster!).

Folks, if you like confrontational TV reportage, you'll definitely want to

Hot on the heels of their undercover work at the city's

There have been too many headlines penned about crimes against women in