We've broken down exactly how this exorbitant amount was reached.
“It reminds us of what the Lower East Side used to be like; that is why we bought there,” said Mara Singer, without any indication of self-awareness.
Rich Chinese people will do anything for their kids—including offer any dude $60 million to marry a lesbian daughter.
$2.2 million is a lot of money to pay for rejection letters!
Because there isn't enough tragedy connected to the original Titanic, Caroline Kennedy will reportedly be on hand for the unveiling of the plans for the Titanic II.
Another bit of ammunition to show that the private school admissions proces will send parents into a frenzy of questionable behavior.
We already know that Giants fans are passionate about their ass tattoos, but it seems Patriots fans are just...insane? Or maybe insanely creative junkyard artists?
A defense attorney claims that police told Levi Aron what to say, "My opinion is you can get this guy to admit he shot Kennedy if you spend a little bit of time with him."
There are many firsts in a baby's life—first words, first steps, and, finally, first bikini.
Republicans love to skewer President Obama about his need for a
Murdoch the dog, whose humans are looking for an insane landlord
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