Some of the officers were known to inmates as members of the "Beat Up Squad."
Pro-tip: Telling your students to give their personal info to a prison inmate is not a good idea.
A woman is suing state correctional department because her brother (who is in jail) is referred to as an "inmate."
A city correction officer has been suspended for 15 days and
Apparently, some prison guards have never watched Seinfeld. California inmate Malcolm
Finally, it takes a prisoner to claim what everyone suspected—that Bernard
A Corrections Department spokesman says that during Saturday's Rikers Island uprising
Last night, a fight broke out at Rikers Island. Apparently some
A state judge ruled that New York's juvenile corrections system regularly
The list of Rikers Island guards accused of abusing inmates continues
The Department of Corrections says a 60-year-old Rikers Island inmate, who
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