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Bella Mia is so pampered, she appears semi-comatose at times, almost like one of the oversized humans from 'Wall-E.' Unlike them, she need never fear having to learn any other way of living.

Thomas Gilbert Jr. allegedly shot his hedge fund executive father in the head.

A dispute over an inherited house in Borough Park devolved into bizarre bloodshed yesterday when a Borough Park man shot his brother in the face with a homemade gun.

Whitney Houston has left her entire estate to daughter Bobbi Kristina.

In Italy, animals cannot inherit directly—but they can be beneiiciaries!

Convicted killer Brandon Palladino It's good to know that no matter

In case you were wondering what became of Leona Helmsley’s “rich

Three years ago Brooke Astor's grandson Philip Marshall accused his father,

Now that a jury has found Darryl Littlejohn guilty for the