Ing nyc marathon

There were over 50,000 runners at the starting line.
"The city of New York and the Road Runners are committed to making sure that the marathon will occur on Sunday," race medical director Dr. Stuart Weiss said, until NYRR CEO Mary Wittenberg retracted it.
Now there are two options: Baggage check or no baggage check.
Records were shattered at today's 42nd annual NYC Marathon. And one couple even got married! Watch the video below.
“He fell on his face on Fifth Avenue, he just dropped like he was was shot,” one witness said.
Today is the NYC Marathon—time to go and cheer those amazing entrants!
Photograph of the elite women in last year's race by Tien
Today is the ING NYC Marathon, and you can check out
Yesterday, there was excitement over the U.S. Olympic Men's Marathon Trial
Jerry Reese didn’t waste any time remaking the Giants. On Monday he
Jelena Prokopcuka won her second ING NYC Marathon in a row,
The ING New York City Marathon is just five days away,
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