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A new study suggests that more than 50 percent of millennials don't plan on getting the flu shot this year.

Add GET YOUR FLU SHOT subject lines to all your mom's emails about Ebola in Brooklyn.

While there's no real cure for the flu, an Ohio-based ice cream company may have just come up with the next best thing: influenza sorbet!

Songwriters have been grappling with the effects of the flu for decades; below, we've compiled a 14-song flu playlist to help take some attention away from the sound of your clogged up nose.

According to the Centers for Disease Control "most of the country" is now experiencing "high levels of influenza-like-illness" at levels "nearing what have been peak levels of ILI during moderately severe seasons in the past."

Cuddly new swine flu plush doll. With city health officials marking