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Afterwards, she says they found bites on their neck, arms, and hands, and sent us these triggering photos.

Currently, only new tenants are required to receive infestation histories.

A bus bound for NYC from Atlantic City had to be evacuated today because of the sheer volume of roaches crawling all over the freaking place.

The institute of higher learning racked up a whopping 103 violation points.

They live in the sewers. They come up at night. And there's no stopping them.

Have you have wanted to watch a video of bedbugs scurrying around furniture or see a female bedbug with lots of "baby bedbugs"? If you do, have your barf bag ready.

Left: A map of the city's bed bug infestations, courtesy WSJ.

After the relative lull in bed bug news since last fall,

The city has put its pest infestation statistics online, allowing New