Worries over medical racism and access to the shots were most associated with vaccine distrust among Black and Latino respondents in a new study from Rutgers.
A WNYC/Gothamist analysis of NYC health data shows severe COVID cases are further saturating in areas with low vaccination rates even as the pandemic abates.
New county-by-county breakdowns show the disparities are widest in south New Jersey but still sizable in the urbanized north.
Community organizers are striving to boost the vaccination rate in their neighborhoods—person by person. They're calling on the city for help.
New York state data shows stark vaccination disparities among Black residents.
The proposals range from family-style vaccination appointments to repurposing staff from the 2020 census to expand outreach.
Much if not all of the classical world is built on a myth of meritocracy.
Neither do most New Yorkers, it turns out.
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