New county-by-county breakdowns show the disparities are widest in south New Jersey but still sizable in the urbanized north.
For this year’s high school competition, run by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, several teams studied the pandemic’s impact on income inequality up close.
State legislators have prepared a menu of new tax bills targeting the rich, including a billionaire's tax, and a tax on stock transfers.
The maps let you look at how various health conditions break down in New York City neighborhoods.
A shows inequality has exacerbated when it comes to fairness in the justice system and quality of health care, among other things.
"There is simply no excuse for women to be paid less than men."
De Blasio lets Wall Street know he's a reasonable guy who cares about all New Yorkers, even those who ride the helicopter to work.
The Republican leader said the yacht credit "creates jobs."
Buzi emphatically states that it's not about the money, it's about "the thrill of the search."
Let's fact check this awesome protest sign.
McDonald's locations were occupied this morning.
Artist and web researcher Nickolay Lamm also picked up on this, and decided to visualize the extent of inequality in the neighborhood with a series of 3D maps.
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