We've been strategizing for a number of years on how we could come up and do a festival that was impactful and unique," Pitchfork president Christopher Kaskie said.
Peter Haskett and Raymond Huffman were two violent, alcoholic roommates living in a run-down apartment complex in San Francisco in the late '80s. Next door, the neighbors were recording them.
Have you ever asked yourself, "Why can't cinema events be a little more like concerts?" A new film screening series based in Williamsburg certainly did.
The NY Times looks at some of New York's indie elite in
The Village Voice has taken a page from MTV and begun to
Last month in Rolling Stone's November 15th issue, the magazine turned 40
Recently, IFC News was at the Walter Reade Theater for a New
Three NYC females are getting moved into a 22,000 square foot,
Girl Talk get it right Last Friday, crowds packed into Studio B
Right on the tail of the groundbreaking "bloggers drink in the LES"
Ah, the end of the year is upon us...and that means one
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