Weinstein will plead not guilty to the charges.
The defendants, including an alleged mob boss, are accused of murder conspiracy, drug dealing, fraud, loansharking, sports betting, and more.
A grand jury tacked on additional charges after considering the facts.
Prosecutors say they sold drugs in New England, and shot up people in the Bronx.
The cop wrote that the man lunged and swung at him. Video shows he didn't.
The judge doesn't find him trustworthy.
The suspect was in police custody for breaking into Burke's government-issued vehicle.
"This is the boss," one supposedly said, pointing to his gun.
NJ Senator Robert Menendez has been indicted on federal corruption charges related to a West Palm Beach eye doctor.
Grimm's lawyer says he'll be cleared of any wrongdoing.
Grimm's lawyer told the press, 'When the dust settles, he will be vindicated.'
11 motorcyclists, including one undercover police officer, have been charged and indicted for the incident—and all but one of them are facing gang assault charges and decades in prison.
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