A cocktail that'll make you want to eat your greens, plus other inventive and internationally-inspired cuisine rooted in India.
They'll serve a wide range of offerings from across the many regions of India, with plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan diners.
Pick your dinner based on how much time you have available: "New York Minute," "At Ease," or "Leisurely."
The restaurant will accommodate all types of diets, including vegetarian and gluten-free.
Chef Saran refuses to be limited by preconceptions about what is or is not Indian food, but just don't call it fusion.
The dish shares a genes with both Indian and Chinese cuisines—and looks a lot like Swedish meatballs without the meat.
The menu at Indian Accent looks incredible and includes a special tip of the hat to NYC with their kulchas, stuffed here with pastrami with a mustard butter.
"If someone asks for something we don't have on the menu, we'll make it for them."
From street foods like fried puri with potato to hearty crocks of curries, including one with Eastern Long Island raw scallops in a tumeric-mustard-coconut sauce.
NYC's taxi drivers know everything about the city, including where to get some seriously good grub.
The dum pukht style from Northern Indian sees meats and vegetables cooked low and slow in a sealed pot.
Mango lassi at the ready; this one's gonna burn a bit.
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