Independent democratic conference

Zellnor Myrie, a 30-year-old attorney, has become the third person to announce a run against a member of the state Senate's breakaway Independent Democratic Conference.
With pressure building on the governor to unify Senate Democrats and regain control over the chamber, a top aide to the governor is now blaming the stalemate on mainline Democrat Senator Michael Gianaris.
"You look at me, Mr. Governor, but you don’t see me."
Jackson Heights residents, hoping to get another opportunity to speak with State Senator Jose Peralta, made plans to unseat him when he didn't show up to a town hall meeting.
Two bills being debated in Albany could radically undermine New York's fight against high-interest loans that trap consumers in debt.
He's just 16 years old, but Tahseen Chowdhury already has sights set on a seat in the State Senate.
The IDC-mainline Democratic feud has gone federal, with the state's Democratic Congressional members calling on breakaway State Senate Dems to return to the fold.
Albany was officially upgraded to "rocked" today with the publication of the letter from Felder, who caucuses with Republicans in Albany.
Just in time for what's presumably supposed to be summer, the hottest feud in the State Senate is reaching a boiling point.
Corruption? In Albany? Albany, New York?
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