Adams is planning an indoor event, but some warn that may now be a public health risk.
"Grow up bitches and get a job," he reportedly wrote beside a video describing protesters as "domestic terrorists."
In Vic Berger's latest video, the inauguration turns into a never-ending scene straight from the Red Room in 'Twin Peaks.'
"President Trump delivered his pet frog's 'Morning in Dystopia' speech to a mall that had more empty white space than the Republican plan to replace Obamacare," she said.
The Bad Lip Reading version of the inauguration is only slightly more surreal than the real deal.
"I am not looking at this as the inauguration of our next president, but as the inauguration of the resistance movement against our next president."
Some of the most memorable protests of presidential inaugurations.
Just because Trump doesn't respect the First Amendment doesn't mean you don't get to exercise your rights.
Everyone wants a front row seat to see his tremendous speech!
Do you love Trump & hate poetry? Then this is the poem for you!
Trump's using targeted advertising on Facebook to PERSONALLY INVITE all of you to watch the Earth burn.
The Russian hacking "puts an asterisk next to his name."
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