Improv everywhere

Improv Everywhere's latest "prank" doesn't seem like the worst pandemic idea we've heard.
Hate pants? Have we got an event for you.
The 18th annual No Pants Subway Ride, organized by Charlie Todd's Improv Everywhere, took place on Sunday.
No pants on the subway? Now we've seen everything!
Would you pay to work in an authentic NYC phonebooth?
They opened up their own fake glass Apple Store at the 23rd Street 6 train elevator.
For their latest gag, Improv Everywhere threw a "surprise" Sweet 16 party at the 57th Street stop on the Q train, enlisting willing straphangers to blow up balloons, hold signs, and eat cupcakes.
Half-naked hordes descended into subway from 10 different locations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, ending with a huge butt-shaking party in Union Square.
Pantsless people on the subway? Now I've heard everything.
Improv Everywhere staged a handful of random parades across the city, cajoling New Yorkers into leading "Jingle Bells."
Spring-in-January weather made for an extra fun No Pants party in Union Square afterwards, too.
This should be kept up all season long.
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