Immigration court

Immigrant New Yorkers turn out en masse to resume the long wait to have their cases heard, some only to get moved to the back of the line.
Judges must still report to the immigration court at Varick Street, even though it was closed Tuesday due to a case of coronavirus.
The move came after desperate pleas from immigration judges and from the government lawyers who prosecute immigrants
Canceling the largest hearings because of COVID-19 isn’t enough, say immigration lawyers, judges and government prosecutors who want a complete shutdown of all courtroom business.
New York’s immigration court used to be considered more favorable to asylum seekers than other courts.
'If this separation is justifiable in the eyes of the government, then the government should provide complete information.'
In immigration court, there's no guaranteed right to counsel, as there is in criminal court. Translators used to explain the system for immigrants who don’t have attorneys. But there's concern it's now being done by video.
Almost 92 percent of all hearings this year have required an interpreter, and seven percent of them in 2018 required video teleconferencing.
A total of 235 individuals were transferred this month to three jails in Bergen, Hudson, and Orange Counties to await federal court hearings.
The fathers and their children are seeking monetary damages, saying their children were molested after they were brought to foster homes in New York.
Immigration court cases held by video are experiencing so many technical failures that more than 300 hearings were postponed in the last fiscal year in NYC.
Immigration courts are back open for business after the 35 day government shutdown, and lawyers are scrambling to figure out how clients whose hearings were canceled will be affected.
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