Immigration and customs enforcement

Immigrants' rights groups want detention unit closed, detainees released to families.
An undersheriff for the Orange County jail called the allegations about poor conditions ‘lies,’ and said specific accusations of racism and abuse will be investigated.
While ICE detention appears poised to end in the New York City area, immigrants are being transferred across the country, severing ties with their attorneys and families.
The arrests come as immigration attorneys allege that ICE has “disappeared” its clients from the jail.
Biden’s new executive order means immigrants who aren’t considered a danger can be released from detention. But it’s not clear everyone got the memo.
Melvin Herrera-Interiano was deported in March and his family decided to follow him to Honduras eight months later.
Despite fear of retaliatory transfers, the hunger strikes continue at local ICE jails.
The controversial issue of Democratic counties getting paid to jail ICE detainees boiled over into skirmishes in New Jersey this weekend.
In 2018, officials in Hudson County, New Jersey vowed to end a detention contract with ICE by the end of 2020. On Tuesday, they voted to renew the contract for another 10 years.
Existing detention centers in New Jersey could shut down, but that’s not necessarily good news, advocates say.
Despite the city’s sanctuary law, ICE agents are accused of increasingly suggesting they’re NYPD to deceive immigrants into letting them into their homes.
Colcas lived in the United States legally as a Green Card holder, but under President Trump, permanent residents like Colcas are targeted for deportation if they have criminal records.
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