Ukrainians in New York City say friends and family are pledging to fight or making plans to flee as Russia's invasion appears imminent.
State officials say they conducted outreach efforts to ramp up applications but not enough applied.
The federal coronavirus money expired after NJ only distributed $6 million before the deadline.
The City Council will consider a proposal on Monday to let green card holders vote in local elections.
While ICE detention appears poised to end in the New York City area, immigrants are being transferred across the country, severing ties with their attorneys and families.
If the landlord succeeds in ending the lease, it would be yet another ICE facility to announce its closure in the Garden State.
“All my hopes and prayers were with the changing of the administrations, that things with immigration would be more relaxed, and easy. I don’t see anything changing yet.”
Bergen County Jail’s ICE unit, which has the highest COVID rate among NYC-area ICE detention centers, was as high as 71 percent over capacity late last year.
No more Muslim Ban. A halt on deportations. But ICE isn’t going anywhere under President Biden.
Biden is expected to issue executive orders right away to roll back Trump’s travel ban and protect DACA, but immigrant advocates say there’s more he can do.
After a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to fully restore the Obama-era program, applicants may have to wait longer than usual due to COVID-related delays.
The rule would make it harder to appeal decisions by immigration judges, and is set to take effect just days before President Trump leaves office.
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