Designed by British artists to represent a Syrian refugee, the globe-trotting puppet is meant to remind everyone she encounters what it means to have a home and feel welcome.
Advocates pushed hard for these measures during this budget session and criticized Gov. Hochul for not fully funding their proposals.
With local help, they are learning to navigate the school system, subways, legal issues, and heartbreak
The fund was replenished last week after Gov. Phil Murphy's office diverted most of the money to other state expenses citing lack of demand.
"Nearly 50,000 New Yorkers and their families are now at risk of being ripped from the only home they’ve ever known," one immigration advocate said.
Despite the ruling, local advocates say it will be hard to convince immigrants to apply for benefits.
The bill is sitting on Governor Phil Murphy's desk.
The three-year-old cafe has become a neighborhood staple and advocacy spot for the community.
If movies such as A Simple Plan, Fargo and The Ladykillers have taught us anything, it's that criminals always never get away with their high-concept schemes.
This photo has nothing to do with this story except, well,
A South Asian immigrant on his way home in Bensonhurst was
After one Mexican immigrant was attacked with a baseball bat in
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