Illegal immigrants

Though Governor Cuomo tried to drop New York out of the Department of Homeland Security's controversial, creepily-named, Secure Communities program last summer, according to officials we'll be back in the game next week.
Operation Gaykeeper “keeps out the harmful straight illegals and keeps in the desirable and precious gayliens.”
Fed up with the federal government's inaction on behalf of undocumented youth, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has penned an impassioned editorial for the Daily News, calling for New York to lead the way on immigration reform.
Dr. Manheimer convinced surgeons at NYU's Langone Medical Center to waive the $20,000 in fees for Angel's surgery, but the administration refused to cover the rest.
Proponents for New York's education agenda say that in addition to assisting immigrants with tuition, an ideal bill would also allow them to have driver's licenses.
"Lying on sworn statements is almost a guarantee the case will be reopened," one lawyer says, referring to Strauss-Kahn's immigration status.
"They made a huge mistake and stopped my life for no reason," 24-year-old William Geraldo says.
A performance artist profiled in the New York Times today is living in abject poverty as an illegal immigrant for a year in a controversial new project
The QM2 at port in Red Hook (aberjona's flickr). People will
Don't say illegal immigrants never did anything for you. According to
EarlyOnsetOfNight's Tumblr Did all the protesting and demonstrating in NYC against
Federal officials at the Dept. of Homeland Security have agreed not to
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