Illegal hotels

"This [hotline] is dedicated to the one issue, so it's probably faster than calling 311."
"Units on its site exacerbate the acute affordable housing crisis that plagues our city."
Airbnb framed the legislation as an attack on the city's middle class.
No natural light, no ventilation.
In response, the startup continues to defend the middle class.
"It is so outrageous and such a violation of the spirit of this."
Mayor's Office investigators will go after those who rent out whole apartments for less than a month.
AG Schneiderman says it's a "transparent ploy by Airbnb to act like a good corporate citizen."
Is this class warfare? Or is Airbnb like the duplicitous, bloodthirsty martians in Mars Attacks?
Airbnb, beware.
A 36-story hotel minding its own business in Midtown isn't supposed to be a hotel at all.
City Council says Airbnb flouts the Multiple-Dwelling Law, but the company says the law should be changed.
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