Illegal guns

An FBI agent's assault weapon and his bulletproof vest were stolen along with his car outside his house in Queens.
Yes, Mayor Bloomberg held an assault rifle.
Bloomberg wants our leaders to actually do something about gun laws.
"Today we see the results again of Washington’s allergy to doing anything, no matter how small, to help keep our streets safe."
The laws governing private gun sellers' online transactions are alarmingly lax. Here's a video showing how easy it is for anyone to pick up some firearms, no questions asked.
After a lengthy undercover operation, the FBI has arrested eight current and former NYPD officers and charged them with crimes ranging from gun trafficking to conspiracy to smuggle cigarettes.
Four of the guns surrendered yesterday were loaded.
Just days after a baby was shot in the face and lost an eye, the Staten Island DA's Office and NYPD will be holding a gun buy-back tomorrow.
NYC Mayor's Office Mayor Bloomberg has been increasingly vocal about amending
Mayor Bloomberg, with former NYPD officer Steven McDonald who was shot
Mayor Bloomberg made his way to Washington D.C. yesterday to demand that
Yesterday, the NYPD announced that one undercover cop managed to buy
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