Illegal fireworks

A fireworks store owner said of 2020, "The demand exceeded supply ten times. Inventory couldn't keep up."
The Sheriff's Office has made 127 arrests and confiscated two shipping containers worth of fireworks since the task force started in late June.
The alligator carcasses were not included in the picture.
The video, captured by the toddler's teenager sister, shows fireworks being blasted off from the street, and with one shooting through the window.
Fire Department investigators are cracking down on contraband fireworks this time of year.
Locals have gathered around Dyckman Street for the last 25 years for an unsanctioned fireworks competition/bonanza, and despite an increased police presence, last night was no different.
"We’re not really celebrating Independence Day,” said Hugo Joel Collado. "We’re really celebrating our ’hood."
Despite the NYPD crackdowns on illegal fireworks, some intrepid NYers still find ways to put on backyard shows for their neighborhoods.
Check out some videos of illegal fireworks from Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx below, and everyone be grateful they still have their fingertips.
Cops were way too busy last night to worry about illegal fireworks and sparklers—well, except for the family who set their house on fire with fireworks. Watch the videos below.
Will New Yorkers finally be able to hold sparklers again?
Setting off fireworks without a permit in NYC is illegal, which
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